About Me

Who is this shithead?

Hey there! My name is Archie, I use he/they pronouns and I am a music enthusiast and artist with a big heart for anything horror-related and so many thoughts in their head they can't keep their hands still.

Interests? I guess?

I'm actually into a lot of things! If you follow me literally anywhere, you may be aware of some of the things I am interested in, but if you aren't well, consider this a great reference point!I am into...
- Mr. Robot, literally my comfort show ily if you love this show
- Horror Movies/Slasher Films, my favorite films are Scream and Re-Animator
- Music as a whole, my favorite genre is indie and psychedelic rock and my favorite bands consist of Arctic Monkeys, Daft Punk, The Garden, The Voidz, The Strokes, King Gizzard, The Buttertones, Whitewoods, and Franz Ferdinand
- Marvel as a whole, if it's not obvious which characters are my favorite uh, idk what to tell you (Daredevil, The Punisher, Moon Knight, Venom)
- True Crime, I like uncovering mysteries and hearing about investigations as well as psychologically how these things happen
- Gaming, my favorite games consist of Hotline Miami, Skyrim, Cyberpunk 2077, and Animal Crossing
- Vinyl Collecting, I have so many records it's scary my wallet is sobbing
- Fashion, that's it that's the tweet
- Halloween, it's the best holiday no one can convince me otherwise idc
- Scrolling Pinterest for hours on end, literally I have boards for all of my aesthetics aka synthwave, retrowave, dark academia, dark urbanism, grunge, dark naturalism, just a lot of dark and bright aesthetics battling it out really
- men.

Yeah, I do art <3

If somehow you live under a rock and eat lead paint, you probably didn't know I am an artist. I am a multifandom artist who ate an entire children's book when he was like 4, now look at me! I'm drawing men! If you would like to see what I work on or enjoy, below are my social links :)

Do you like music?

As I mentioned before, I am a HUGE music nerd and listen to a lot of music. If you ever are looking for suggestions, new music to listen to, or even just curious about what I listen to, feel free to check out my Spotify or even shoot me a DM on Discord :)!

Interested in my Kinlist?

Below is a button that leads you to my very extensive and constantly growing Kinlist, consisting of so many characters from all types of media that I relate a little too much to.

Are we friends or enemies?

If we are considered mutuals and I talk to you pretty frequently, you are more than welcome to follow my private Twitter where I am a bit more honest and myself
Side Note: Just because we are mutuals does not mean I will immediately accept you onto my private Twitter, I have some trust issues and it takes me awhile to be comfortable around new people, thank you for being patient with me :)!

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